Thursday, August 9, 2007

Photographs of Tsovata during Dadaloba

Apologies for the appalling quality of these photographs - The delicate Japanese electronics of my camera didn't like being left out in the rain. (For the full, boring, yet tragic story, please see
this previous post. And for some nicer photographs - courtesy of Pridon Beroshvili at - please click here!)

The Draw to decide who the next "Shulta" Families will be.

The Classic View of Indurta.

A Double Rainbow in the Evening Sky over Jvarboseli.

A young Caucasian Sheepdog in the Tsovatistsqali Valley.

Sheltering from the Sun in Indurta.

The Supra (Feast) for Dadaloba, with the Men's Khati in the Background.


The Men's Khati (Church) in Tsovata.

Preparing for the Feast.


The Women's Khati (Church) in Tsovata.

The Skyline in Tsovata at Dusk.

The Guesthouse in Jvarboseli.

Tusheti as seen from the Abanos Pass.