Saturday, March 17, 2007

Step 2: Georgia

(Step 1 - Turkey - being incomplete, I went straight to Step 2. And no, I did not collect 10,000.)

Now I am in Georgia - or Sakartvelo as it is known to Georgians (who call themselves Kartveli, plural Kartvelebi... don't ask) - and besides living in Tbilisi, I am enjoying a few exploratory trips into the rugged countryside.

These following pictures were taken during such an expedition - they are of Lake Tsalka, about 100km due West of Tbilisi. The road is so bad, and the surroundings so desolate, that it took four hours to drive that distance in a Lada jeep.

The infamous A303 road from Tbilisi to Tsalka and beyond. My map marks it as a "main road, asphalted", but I think that may have only been the case when it was built in the 1960s.

Lake Tsalka, with my (honorary) Georgian uncle looking pensive, as usual.

And a "panoramic" view of the lake itself. (Please click on the image for a better view.)